Punjabi Wedding Customs and Traditions

Punjabi Wedding Customs and Traditions

Punjabi Wedding Customs and Traditions

Rituals, customs, fashion, and a lot extra! Everything you want to realize approximately Punjabi weddings is proper here. As extra couples from many cultures or even countries marry, they need a lovely combo of celebrations so that it will remaining a life-time for them and their visitors. Welcome to the interesting and colorful international of Punjabi weddings!

Wedding Ceremonies

Roka/Thaka: The first in a protracted line of rites, Roka (derived from the term rokna orforestall) indicates the choice of households to decide to a partnership. It is typically found with out the bride, with the brides loved ones touring the grooms domestic to bless their union with provides together with fruits, chocolates, clothing, money, and different assets.

ChunniCeremony: The Chunni rite is a symbolic gesture of welcoming the bride into the own circle of relatives via way of means of the grooms mom and different girl loved ones. They arrive on the brides parentsresidence with chocolates, gifts, jewellery, engagement apparel, and extra, in addition to a redchunni` or drape for her head as a veil and token to bless her for the destiny at the same time as greeting her as their daughter-in-law.


The Sagai rite, additionally called the engagement rite, is hung on the equal day because the Chunni rite, and frequently even simultaneously. It entails the bride and groom replacing rings.

Sangeet: The maximum predicted wedding ceremony birthday party, the Sangeet is a night time of music, dance, and non-forestall merriment! It turned into the Indian counterpart of a chook party, in which the women of the own circle of relatives were given collectively and sang peoples songs, danced, and ridiculed the bride. It turned into historically organised via way of means of the bride`s loved ones. Punjabi Wedding traditions

Mehndi: An essential thing of all Indian weddings, the Mehndi is a rite wherein the bride has her hands, arms, and ft painted with henna. It is typically held all through the day or afternoon. The couple`s names, favorite objects, or love storey are regularly used as notion for the designs.


This own circle of relatives event, which takes vicinity the night time earlier than the marriage, is a boisterous birthday party in the front of the magnificently adorned residence with music, firecrackers, dancing, and chocolates that lasts overdue into the night time. Copper vessels are ornamented with lit candles and carried via way of means of the maternal aunt, who’s followed via way of means of any other female shaking a stay with bells.

KangnaBandhana: This is the primary ritual of the marriage day, and it includes a pooja accompanied via way of means of the priest tying a worried thread known asmouli across the couple`s proper wrists with a betel nut and a shell. It isn’t always to be eliminated as a image of properly luck, and it’ll eventually get to the bottom of on its own.

The chura is a fixed of ivory and purple bangles worn via way of means of the bride for 40-forty five days after her marriage, and it symbolises a newly married woman. During the ritual, the brides maternal uncle plays a havan, wherein the brides chura (bangles) are cleansed in milk and rose petals and placed on her wrists, and then she is provided together along with her bridal outfit.

The bride`s sisters and pals tie the kaleerein on her wrists after the rite. Betel nuts, dry fruits, and coconuts are typically encrusted on those umbrella-fashioned ornaments. The bride shakes her kaleerein over the heads of single women at the marriage in a rite similar to a bouquet toss in catholic weddings, and whoever it lands on is notion to be subsequent in line to get married.

Haldi: Another essential factor of Indian weddings, the Haldi entails satisfied festivities wherein the bride and groom are smeared with a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, rose water, and different elements to present them a golden glow for his or her wedding ceremony day! Traditionally held separately, it’s miles now regularly included with different gratifying sports for the pair.

Ghara Gharoli: After the Haldi rite, the dried paste is wiped off and the bride and groom, together with their respective households, go to a nearby temple. In a rite known as as Ghara Gharoli, they’re bathed with pitchers of holy water. They then go back to their resort to get geared up for the marriage.

Sehra Bandi: Once the groom is wearing his wedding ceremony garb, he’s honoured with a modest puja. The priest blesses the turban and the Sehra, which conceals his face, and an elder man ties it round his head.

Ghodi Chadna (Ghodi Chadna):

One of the maximum distinguished and predicted rituals of an Indian wedding ceremony is the grooms access on horseback in lavish manner. The Punjabi groom historically rides a adorned mare that has been smeared with a tikka and given chana dal (lentils) and water via way of means of the grooms girl loved ones. The groom then mounts the mare, that’s called the (ghodi chadna), and rides to the web website online together along with his dancing entourage, or baraat.


The brides own circle of relatives greets the groom and the baraat with a heat welcome at the marriage venue, with the mom appearing a conventional aarti and tikka for the groom. The brides corresponding loved ones then include and welcome the grooms loved ones. For Milni, his maternal uncle, for example, is met and greeted via way of means of the brides maternal uncle, and so on.

Varmala: The Varmala is the conventional garland trade that the couple conducts upon seeing one different, and it’s miles a completely satisfied ceremony liked via way of means of the couple, their own circle of relatives, and their visitors alike. When the groom arrives, he’s taken to the level, in which the bride enters together along with her own circle of relatives and mounts the level for the ceremony. The trade is regularly made extra exciting via way of means of the couple`s pals choosing them up, which makes it extra hard to complete.

Madhuperk: Following the varmala, the couple is brought about the mandap, in which the groom is given a bowl of water to drink earlier than being served a unique drink fabricated from curd, honey, milk, ghee, and different sacred essences. Madhuperk is the call given to this ceremony.

Kanyadaan: The Kanyadaan is a ritual wherein a father offers his daughter`s hand in marriage. It may be observed in each u . s . and faith round the sector in a few shape or another. He asks the groom to appearance after his daughter with Vedic mantras, following which the groom accepts her hand and guarantees to like and shield her until demise separates them.

The pair rises for the phere, Mangal Phere. Their drapes are knotted collectively on the ends to symbolise their marital bond, after which they encircle the sacred hearthplace 4 instances as chants are study aloud to commemorate their vows. For 3 of them, the bride walks beforehand of the groom, and for the fourth, she walks in the back of him. In the eyes of the hearthplace goddess, the couple is legally wedded.

Lajahom: The bride`s brother distributes puffed rice into her cupped arms all through this rite.

Sindoor Daan: The husband finishes the marriage ceremonies through making use of sindoor (vermilion) to the bride`s hair parting and tying the mangalsutra round her neck, binding them for life.

Joota Chupai: Another well-known wedding ceremony ritual, Joota Chupai is a pleasing trick performed at the groom through the bride`s sisters, who take his footwear all through the ceremony. They call for a ransom in trade for his footwear after the marriage. The groom receives his footwear lower back simplest after a number of banter and stupid negotiating, and simplest after he offers his sisters-in-regulation what they want.

VidaaiandDoli: As the bride prepares to go away her domestic and family, the very last good-bye withinside the Vidaai is a bittersweet rite. Following the tearful embraces, the bride tosses a handful of rice over her shoulder toward her domestic as a thanks for looking after her. In a marriage procession called Doli, she then hops right into a adorned car together along with her husband and departs for her new domestic.

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Punjabi Wedding Customs and Traditions
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