Traditional Gujarati Wedding

Traditional Gujarati   Wedding

Traditional Gujarati   Wedding

Gujarat is a culturally numerous state. Gujaratis, with their customs, rituals, and traditions, fantastically painting Indian ancestry.

When it involves Gujarati weddings, they honour all the rites which might be part of the conventional Gujarati ceremony.

Many rituals exist in Gujarat that function commands for potential couples on the way to stay an excellent married life.

After the marriage, the Gujarati spouse will become her husbands sahdharmacharini, or equal. Gujaratis, just like the relaxation of Indias marital groups, agree with that marriage brings responsibility and power. In fact, it’s miles the spouse`s obligation to maintain the residence and take care of all the home needs.

Gujarati Matrimony: Gujarati Matrimony is a form of Gujarati ma

Gujaratis want to fit their little kids with the groups wherein they stay. In the identical manner that different Indian businesses do, the lady`s mother and father start searching out her husband as quickly as she reaches adulthood. Gujaratis assume that a male and a lady have to be collectively.


Gujarati brides usually put on a sari as their wedding ceremony gown. During the event, but, the sari is worn in a one-of-a-kind manner. Red is the maximum famous preference due to the fact it’s miles visible to be the maximum auspicious coloration for the event. Designer lehengas were a famous bridal apparel in latest years.

Groom`s outfit:

Traditionally, Gujarati grooms are predicted to put on conventional Kurta and dhoti, but fashion dressmaker and formal suits, in addition to kurta pyjamas, have grow to be famous options.

Pre-wedding ceremony rituals consist of:

There are some of rites that have to be finished earlier than to the marriage:

Mahurat Mandap:

Lord Ganesha, the Hindu God who’s stated in order to cast off any barriers, is honoured at this ritual. This is executed with the aid of using the bride and groom`s own circle of relatives some days earlier than the marriage.


The groom visits the brides house to are looking for the benefits of his mother-in-regulation in the course of this charming rite. The groom is predicted to decrease his head and grip his nostril as is customary. This gesture displays his humility in addition to his reputation of the widespread sacrifice that his destiny bride goes to make. The grooms destiny mother-in-regulation blesses him and plays a touch deed to defend him from the evil eye. She additionally toys together along with his nostril, reminding him that he’s the taker due to the fact he can be taking her child away, whilst they’re the givers.

Wedding rituals consist of:

Gujarati weddings are prominent from different Indian weddings with the aid of using some of fabulous and colorful ceremonies.

Antarpaat: The bride`s maternal uncle (mama) is meant to hold the bride to the mandap, in keeping with this tradition. The curtain that divides the bride and groom, called Antarpaat, is then lowered, and the couple garland every different.

Madhuparka: Madhuparka takes vicinity after the Jaimala ritual. The grooms toes are washed with the aid of using his sister-in-regulation at Madhuparka. Then hes served honey and milk. The groom`s sisters-in-regulation then scouse borrow his footwear and conceal them, that’s the maximum thrilling custom. Almost all Indian weddings consist of this ceremony, wherein the groom and his brothers have to go back the footwear at the realization of the day, in trade for which the groom have to provide his sister-in-legal guidelines cash and different presents.

Hasta Milap:

The grooms headheadband is knotted to the brides sari on this rite. This knot represents the matrimonial union of souls. The acharya then chants mantras to invoke the benefits of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati at the saubhagyavrata, or spouse. The families, on the opposite hand, be part of collectively to bless the newlyweds and bathe them with rice grains and rose petals.

The kanya daan, wherein the bride is passed away with the aid of using her mother and father, is the primary a part of the marriage ceremony. During the ritual, they fold their arms withinside the notion that their son-in-regulation will appearance after their daughter and in no way convey her harm.

The couple walks across the sacred hearthplace whilst the acharya recites mantras on this ritual. The groom additionally repeats those mantras as he expresses his heartfelt preference for his spouse`s loving support.


This refers back to the pair going seven instances across the holy hearthplace. With every stride, the groom keeps to sing mantras. These are requests to his spouse to attend to the residence, prepare dinner dinner wholesome and nutritious food for his or her own circle of relatives, be frugal with cash, be a affected person and loving spouse, and so on. And the bride consents to perform those wishes.

Then they’re united withinside the maximum sacred connection of all – marriage.

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Traditional Gujarati Wedding
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